Calf Rearing - Your calf today is your dairy cow of tomorrow

Giving proper care to you calves today is essential for them to become your best dairy cows tomorrow.

A good calf rearing program is focused on achieving three main points:

  • Ensure the health and strength of the young born calf. Calves are most vulnerable during the the first 4 days. The better they are cared for, the better they will grow in the second stage of the rearing program;
  • Achieve early maturing and early first insemination. The earlier the calf matures, the earlier she can be inseminated and the earlier she will become a milk producing cow;
  • Achieve optimum weight at first calving. There is a direct correlation between the weight at first calving and the milk production in the first 2 lactations. Optimum growth is therefore fundamental for good milk production.

ProFarm offers the best products and services for a successful Calf Rearing Program. Sprayfo Calf Milk Replacers are used around the world by leading dairy farms. Recently MAXIM international has launched a high quality calf starter pellet, Calf Max. Sprayfo Milk Replacer and MAXIM Calf Max will be the excellent starting point for your calf rearing program.

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